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Have your reactor set up? Next will be a Heat Exchanger to generate steam!
Head up to Recipes and start crafting on all needed blocks and items for the heat exchanger!

Next > Turbine

Multiblock Structure

Heat Exchanger


To build a Hext Exchanger like shown below in Construction, you need the following blocks:

25x Thermal Conductor Recipe
15x Thermal Sink Recipe
4x Thermal Valve Recipe
1x Thermal Controller Recipe


Click the buttons below to cycle between the construction steps!


Basic foundation is a 3x3 floor with two additional opposing blocks made out of Thermal Conductor.
The four corners need to be filled with Thermal Valve!


Enabling the Heat Exchanger

After you have built up your heat exchanger, click on its Thermal Controller to activate the multiblock structure! The activation is indicated by green particles around the multiblock and the controller should have turned on! Otherwise, check your structure again to see if it fits the conditions in Multiblock Structure.


Take a Configurator and click on each Thermal Valve to configure the in- or outputs! Into the Coolant Input you'll insert water, on the Coolant Output the produced steam will come out! Same for the Heat Input, where you'll insert the Heated Molten Salt, on the Heat Output will the Depleted Molten Salt extracted!

That extracted Depleted Molten Salt is need to be enriched again. For that take a Fluid Enricher and insert the fluid and thorium!